Football and real estate have a lot in common. Leadership matters. Ambition counts. Heart energizes. Ebby Halliday might have made a good quarterback. Her intriguing story reflects her ambition to achieve despite all obstacles, her great heart that led her to reach out to her associates and customers, and her leadership that made her a role model. Her wit and wisdom shine through on every page.

   Ebby and I have several things in common. Neither of us is a native Texan, but we both got to Dallas as fast as we could, albeit years apart. Neither of us arrived with plans for starting real estate companies, but good fortune, good friends, and good economic conditions attracted us to the real estate business. The ability to see opportunities where others see obstacles, to envision strategies that turn short-term gains into long-term success, and to cling to our core personal values is the basis for our professional conduct and is essential for both of us.

   Although I chose the commercial real estate route instead of residential sales, both share the need for leadership. I saw many leaders in the United States Naval Academy, in the Viet Nam War, and in the National Football League. All possessed a fierce loyalty and devotion to their associates, which was returned in kind. Ebby Halliday personifies the kind of leader who leads with her heart her entrepreneurial business sense, and her unflagging energy to make her dreams for herself, her company, and her community come true.

   Ebby’s story weaves history, economics, politics, personal anecdotes, business lessons, and life principles into a chronicle of an extraordinary life set against a background of the business of real estate. And yes, from my perspective, I think Ebby might have made a good quarterback.

-Roger Staubach